In the SPINdesign project a series of regional pilots will be organized. These pilots are workshops where a preliminary toolbox for collaborative planning will be discussed and applied with regional experts in the field of infrastructure and urban planning. A pilot addresses the following criteria:

  • Relevance for the NRA’s practice. The pilot reflects relevant themes, topics and issues in the work field of an NRA.
  • Hot spots at the interface along (international) main transport corridors. The pilots cover regions, where an intensive interaction between long distance transport and regional transport is taking place and where an integrative approach seems to be needed.
  • Multimodality: the interface makes a connection between the road system and at least one other modality (rail, water or air).
  • Issue: the pilot addresses issues in the field of person mobility, freight transport and urban development.

Two types of pilots will be organized: development pilots and implementation pilots. The purpose of the development pilots is dual: testing and strengthening the toolbox, as well as applying the obtained insights on a practical case. The development pilots are the Tilburg-Waalwijk area (The Netherlands) and Linz (Austria).

The purpose of the implementation pilots is to support NRAs on transportation planning cases through the application of the toolbox. The experiences of these pilots will be used to optimize the toolbox. These pilots are carried out in Örebro (Sweden), Turku (Finland) and Oslo (Norway).